Butler Creek, Wilson, Wyoming, USA

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Address Search

Will search all of Google Geocoder database if no match is found in Butler Creek database. Fuzzy search methods are used. Only the first fuzzy matching result is returned. Punctuation and case are ignored. Fuzzy search tolerance set to 0 will require an exact match, a setting of 30 will match (incorrectly) almost any address. Tolerance setting only applies to Butler Creek database searches. You can actually enter any Google maps search here (ie Albertons Jackson Wy) but you only get the first result returned.

Owner Search

Only searches the Butler Creek database. Ownership records are not frequently maintained, last update was 23 Nov 2012. Punctuation, case, initials, and numbers are ignored. Fuzzy search methods are used, tolerances are similar to the address search. Only the first fuzzy matching result is returned. Name order shown is important. If in doubt, try the man's name first. Search failures are most likely from searching for one person when there are co-owners. You might also try including "family" or "trustee".


You may be aware that some online mapping sites (Mapquest, Yahoo!, etc.) have (previously) messed up the roads in Butler Creek (Recently, TeleAtlas, and thus Google, and finally, NavTeq, have corrected their mapping. So now, the roads are at least correct, but the address locations are still dodgy or non-existant.) I created this page because I was tired of telling my guests to NOT use online mapping sites and having to give everyone complete, detailed, verbal directions. I wanted an online resource that had accurate information for Butler Creek that I could refer my guests to.

If you zoom in far enough, you will see large light numbers which are lot numbers. You will likely never see this in commercial mapping sites. One stop farther in will also show street addresses in small dark text along the roads. Google has started implementing this as well, but their data is sporadic and unreliable. The addresses correspond roughly to where each driveway intersects the road. In situations where there is no driveway, or more than one, the address location is arbritary.

Your browser may throw dire warnings that this form is insecure. It is true that it is insecure, but it's hardly dire. The information is probably not sensitive. The data is only sent out to Google if no match is found in the local data within this page. I don't know what Google does with any such data. You can take my word for it that it's safe and continue despite the warning. Or you can move on, it doesn't matter to me.

You probably wouldn't notice, but at higher zoom levels, blank image tiles are used to cover over erroneous information surrounding the Butler Creek area. Even though the errors have been now fixed, the blank tiles still persist, covering very little useful information, as the surrounding land is either National Forest or ranch land and is nearly featureless for this application.

This search and mapping page is implemented using the Google Maps Application Programmer's Interface (API). I created the greenish map images in Photoshop from County GIS data and reformatted the address and ownership information from the County Clerk's Office to be compatible with the Google geocoder.* The remainder of the map is served directly from Google. I manually geocoded the Butler Creek data myself, if you see a problem with where the 'map pin' gets displayed, or the accuracy of the street addresses, please let me know.

* The latest API version no longer allows extending the geocoder data as was done initially. Thus the address data is now in an outdated, incompatible JSON-like format. Now the application must first separately search the address data, and if no result is found, pass the search off to Google to do a completely separate search. Not that anyone would notice any difference, I only mention this for documentary purposes.


The Butler Creek database was created from publicly available information. If you wish your ownwership information to not be displayed, contact me at JavaScript needs to be enabled. Keep in mind that this information is available on other sites that are not under my control. Also consider that no one is likely to view this page unless someone from one of our subdivisions sends them a link.

Driving Directions

I once considered adding driving directions to this map. Since this map was first developed, web mapping and routing technology has improved greatly. The routing provided by the usual suspects seems to be reasonably accurate. The only glitch is they still have trouble with the exact addresses in our sub-divisions. If you manually indicate where you want to go, their routing appears to be correct. Thus, there is very little incentive for me to spend much time in an attempt to add a routing function to this map.