Online Maps Reliable?

There are were several mapping errors in on-line mapping sites for the area near where I live

TeleAtlas has since fixed the errors, as you can see, and finally, NavTeq has as well. However, the address databases still have no information in this area.
Hover over marker for Key Letter or click for explanation.

Key    Explanation

 A   This road does not go North from here
 B   Silver Spur Rd is not here
 C   This is someone's driveway, not Deer Trail
 D   This is the correct location of Silver Spur Rd
 E   This is Deer Trail, not Bronco Rd
 F   This is Moose Trail, not Highland Trail
 G   This is still Elk Trail, not Bronco Rd
 H   This is still Elk Trail, not Deer Trail
 I   This is Bronco Road, not Bear Trail

Just goes to show (again) that you can't always rely on data on the internets. The correct mapping is even avalable online at the County's GIS site. I contacted TeleAtlas about this local problem. They queried me for more information, and seemed genuinely determined to correct their data, but I was left with the impression that it would be a very long time before I saw an update. I also contacted NavTeq, they never acknowledged my query at all.

I don't have anything against Google, TeleAtlas, or NavTeq. I just needed a little project to learn about Google Maps API, so this is what I generated. In general, these companies supply great, accurate information. Errors are inevitable, I just happen to live in one.