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Note that the lyrs= parameter in the map tile URL and the &v= parameter in the satellite tile URL change from time to time. If there are no tiles visible below, I probably haven't updated this recently. Also, the last character in the sub-domain can usually be any of 0, 1, 2, or 3 (,, etc.) They are all mirrors of each other, this spreads out the traffic so one server is less likely to be overloaded. For maps, the lyrs parameter currently controls imagery. lyrs=m@??? for regular maps and lyrs=t@??? for terrain maps.

Your browser may throw dire warnings that this form is insecure due no provision here for HTTPS transport. It is true that it is insecure, but it's hardly dire. No information is saved (except when you click the "Save Map View" button), and none of it is sensitive. Except for the map tiles requested, the data is not even sent anywhere, it's all within your browser. You can take my word for it that it's safe and continue despite the warning. Or you can move on, it doesn't matter to me.

The map above is served from the maps API servers. The sample tiles and related urls below are from the public maps servers. From time to time, the imagery on one set of servers will be different than the other set at certain zoom levels.

Sample URL for tile clicked on w/ sample image below

Sample Tile Image

LatLng Bounds of Tile ((s,w),(n,e))

Pixel Bounds of Tile ((w,s),(e,n))
Note compass coords are reversed from Lat/Lng above (x,y order)

Top of Map

Sample satellite URL for tile clicked on w/ sample image below

Sample Satellite Image

The sample map tiles are copyrighted by one or more of Google, DigitalGlobe, TerraMetrics, INEGI, TeleAtlas, NavTeq, and/or others, and are displayed for educational, non-commercial purposes. It is not permissible to use this tool to save or download image tiles from this page or Google servers. There used to be no point in doing this because you used to be able to get any image you needed for personal use by using mapdata URL parameters. There never seemed to be any documentation of this feature, but the format was simple enough to get the image you need. Sample mapdata URLOpens in new window Link is to outside of this site Unfortunately, this feature does not seem to be working any more. If you know of some way to acheive similar functionality, please contact me at the address below with the details. If you are the copyright holder to one of the above dispalyed map tiles and do not wish it to be displayed in this manner, contact me at JavaScript needs to be enabled and I will remove that functionality.
This tool (excluding map data as noted) is licensed under Creative Commons.