My Custom Maps

Latest Butler Creek Map

Custom Google Map Here is the latest custom Google map of Butler Creek. Besides correctly showing properly named roads, you can search for a specific address or property owner.

Teton Co. Address Map

Teton Co. Address Map I've been learning how to create custom mapping for Garmin Map GPS receivers. My first serious attempt was to map all the addresses in Teton County, WY. This is the result. If you live or work in Teton County, or know someone that does, and you own a Garmin Map GPS receiver, you may be interested in this. It is free for personal use. There is a fee for use by businesses in Teton County or the surrounding area. Other commercial use is prohibited. Just download and extract the ZIP file (792KB via Google Sites 'attachment'), then follow the included instructions. If you would like to make your own custom maps, there is a resource list in the documentation.

("Good Luck!" in Polish. The primary hacker of the Garmin map format was a Pole, Stanislaw Kozicki.


The Corrected Map

Custom Google Map Here is my corrected map of my neighborhood. I configured it to show outside pages and place markers based on URL parameters so that my neighbors could use my map with their own set of directions. Here is a sample.

NOTE: This post uses the depreciated v2 of the Google maps API. Google has scheduled the cessation of v2 function on 19 May 2013

Google Tiles

Google Map Tiles I then discovered that I could make my own overlay map that would show the correct roads and names in my neighborhood. I built this tool to understand how Google's tiling system works so that I could overlay my own map.

Bouncing Marker

Custom Google Map This page is just a basic test bed for developing custom map markers that appear in the page mentioned previously. I learned a couple key things that were not documented. One is that marker icon coordinates are base 0, not base 1 as mentioned by other Google mappers. The other is that the X position of the dragging marker is relative to the bottom right corner of the main icon image, even though everything else is relative to the top left corner. Update: As of version 2.61, the X position placement method was changed to something more intuitive.

This post uses the depreciated v2 of the Google maps API.

Waypoints and Routes

Custom Google Map I then built this tool to glean coordinate information from the map. I also had the idea of importing and exporting information from my GPS, but that functionality is available elsewhere, so this page became a low priority, and I'm still working on it off and on.

This post uses the depreciated v2 of the Google maps API.

Hello World

Custom Google Map My interest in customizing Google maps came about from the fact that few of the roads in my neighborhood are accurately mapped. Some roads don't exist, and other roads are completely misnamed. My first attempt at Google mapping is just a map showing the problems in my neighborhood.

This post uses the depreciated v2 of the Google maps API.